You Get All This for Only $25 per Month!

1. Free Custom Header

As soon as you sign up for HouseSender, our Design Team will contact you to design your Free Custom Header ($25 value). It will include your photo, contact info, logo, and color preferences, plus a background photo of your choice. In the future, if you ever need any changes to your Custom Header, we'll make the changes for free!

2. Monthly Newsletter

On the first of each month, you will receive an Email Alert letting you know that the current enewsletter is available to use. Just login to your account, choose "Use this month's Enewsletter", and it will open the current month's enewsletter with your Personal Message already written, the new Articles and Video inserted, etc. From that starting point you can make whatever changes and additions you want, click "Save" and then "Schedule" to choose the date and time you want your enewsletter delivered. Once you're familiar with the system, it should only take you a few minutes each month to get your enewsletter ready to send.

You also have the option of creating your own newsletter from scratch - as many different versions as you want.

3. Custom Emails

In addition to enewsletters, your account includes the ability to send Custom Emails. Imagine being able to put together a Just Listed or Just Sold email in minutes! How about a Happy Birthday, or a "Send me your Referrals" email, or an Open House Announcement? Our templates include a library of artwork so your emails are colorful and attention grabbing. Fill in the boxes, write your message, click Send. Fast and easy!

4. Statistics Tracking

As soon as you send out an email or newsletter, the system begins to record Page Views and Opens. You can track real-time data and see who has been looking at your messages, giving you an informed reason to contact your recipients. The phone call might sound like this: "Hey, Bob, I sent out my newsletter the other day. Just wondering if anything caught your eye. Is there anything I can do for you right now? Any questions I can answer?" Our users report that the Statistics Tracking is one of their favorite and most effective features of

5. Sharing on Social Media

Each time you send out a newsletter, you'll be prompted to share the link on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. With the click of a button, the post shows up on your message boards, extending the reach of your business.