What our Agents are Saying...

  • “Within 30 minutes of hitting SEND on a recent issue of my Enewsletter, I received a call from a prospective seller. I listed his home and he's looking for one to buy. Nothing else I've used has ever gotten results that fast!”

  • “My goal is to stay in front of my clients with a high-touch, low-cost communication tool. Every time I send out my Enewsletter, I get emails thanking me for the timely information. Exactly what I want!”

  • “I just got 3 solid referrals as a direct result of sending out an Enewsletter. Those three referrals ended up buying homes from me. I made THOUSANDS of dollars - and it only cost me $25 bucks!”

  • “I love getting the reminder email on the first of each month! It lets me know that my Enewsletter is ready to use. I just login, make some changes and hit SCHEDULE. The system does the rest!”

  • “We were holding an open house in just a few days. I was able to create and send an Open House email in only minutes - we had 5 families show up because of that email! I can send out Just Listed emails and Just Sold announcements just as easily. Awesome!”

  • “We put out two versions of the Enewsletter each month - one for our Sphere to get referrals and the other for our investor clients. It has generated 3 solid leads, 2 of which led to sales - and that's only after two months!”