Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How does the monthly Enewsletter work?
A: The system will send you an Email Alert on the first day of each month, letting you know that the current Enewsletter for that month is available to use. Login to your account and choose “Use this month's Enewsletter.” This will display the current version with your Personal Message pre-written, the new Articles and new Video inserted, etc. From that starting point, you can make any changes or additions you want, click “Save” and then click the “Schedule” button and choose the date and time you want your newsletter to be Emailed.
Q: Do I have to use the pre-written monthly Enewsletter?
A: No. You have the option of creating an Enewsletter from scratch, or by making a copy of a previous Enewsletter to use as your starting point. You can create custom Emails and Enewsletter and send them out - as many as you want, as often as you want.
Q: How do I add Emails to my account?
A: The system enables you to upload your email lists in .csv format (.csv = Comma Separated Values). Most agents are using Excel, Outlook, Gmail and other email programs to build their database. Export your Email list to a .csv file (we provide helpful “How To Guides” as part of your subscription), and then follow the instructions in the Create Email section of your account to upload each list. You can upload new Email lists each month. Or, you can add/edit addresses as part of your Enewsletter account.
Q: Will I be able to add new Email addresses to my Email lists?
A: Yes. Simply login to your account and add new addresses by clicking the "add emails" button.
Q: Where do I get Email addresses?
A: Your Email list may start out small, but it can grow very quickly. Get in the habit of telling everyone with whom you interact: "I've got a monthly real estate Enewsletter that I send out. It’s full of up-to-date information about the market. Can I get your Email address? I'd be very happy to add you to my list." Make sure you get contact information from people who attend your open houses and networking meetings.

Another effective approach is to call every single person in your database. Start by telling them that you are updating your contact list and you want to get their current information, including their Email address. Then ask them if you add them to your newsletter mailing list. 95% of your friends, family, clients, etc. will say yes. Calling all your contacts has a double benefit - you’ll have a chance to ask them about their real estate needs - you’ll probably pick up a few leads!

If you want to target a specific neighborhood, you'll have to get addresses the old fashioned way - by going door-to-door. After you've introduced yourself and your services, you can offer to add the homeowner to your monthly list. As soon as you let them know how important and helpful the information can be, many (but not all) will be glad to sign up.

Your most important Email addresses will come from your sphere: family, friends, social/business contacts and your current list of clients. These are your most likely sources for referrals — which is why a regular Enewsletter is so important! Stay in touch with your sphere and they will stay in touch with you. Remember, no matter how many Emails you send, your HouseSender subscription never goes up!
Q: Once I sign up, how will I learn how to use the system?
A: There are step-by-step instructions on every page of the site, written in “layman’s language” (no technical terms or special knowledge required). Whenever you have a question, there is usually a button to click that will show you the answers, often with words and pictures. Even so, if you get stuck and you have a question, you can use the Contact Form and we'll be glad to help.
Q: Tell me about the Free Custom Header.
A: As soon as you sign up for HouseSender, our Design Team will contact you to design your Free Custom Header ($25 value). It will include your photo, contact info, logo, and color preferences, plus a background photo of your choice. In the future, if you ever need any changes to your Custom Header, we'll make the changes for free!
Q: Where do the newsletter articles come from?
A: At least three new articles are added to the Article Library every month. The articles are based on the most recent real estate headlines. They also include general information articles and even "funny" articles. If you don’t want to use the new articles, you have the option of choosing from the archive, from subjects including Mortgage and Finance, Buyers Interest, Sellers Interest, and more.
Q: Will I be able to promote my listings and other properties?
A: Yes. The Enewsletter Editor enables you to display up to four of your current listings, as well as "off-market" homes such as Short Sales, Foreclosures and Bank Owned properties.
Q: What are some of the other features of the Enewsletter?
A: The Enewsletter Editor allows you to turn features on and off - use them in any combination you want. These features include the Interest Rates Display window, What’s Happening column, Featured Homes, Testimonials, Important Links, Real Estate Videos, and Seasonal Headers. You can even create advertisements to promote your favorite lender or other vendors.
Q: Can I send out other Emails in addition to Enewsletter?
A: Yes. Your account includes a Custom Email program that allows you to create Email messages and send them out to your contact lists. It features Open House announcements, Just Listed/Just Sold messages, Holiday greetings, and more. The Emails incorporate your contact information in the footer at the bottom, with room for your message in the middle.
Q: Will I be able to create different versions of my Enewsletter and send it to different lists?
A: Yes. You can create as many different Emails and Enewsletters as you want and send them to as many different Email lists as you choose.
Q: Can I share my newsletter on social media?
A: Each newsletter you create generates a web address that can be linked from Facebook or any other social media account you want to use. People will be able to link directly to your current newsletter from wherever you post the address.
Q: Will I be able to track statistics?
A: Yes. As soon as you send out each newsletter or Email, the system begins tracking the Open Rate and Page Views. You will be able to see who has been reading your messages and you’ll be able to follow up by phone or Email with interested customers.
Q: How often will my credit card be charged?
A: You will be charged $25 as soon as you register for you subscription. Your card will be stored on secure server and charged on the monthly “anniversary” of your subscription date. You can cancel the service at any time.